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Body-Part 1-

10. Former North Tenjin-cho Townspeople Monument

Former North Tenjin-cho Townspeople Monument

“It' s going to be another hot day.”
Greetings having been exchanged that morning,
The real heat wave struck.
People close to each other vanished.
The name of the town was gone.


Former Tenjin-cho, which is presently part of Peace Memorial Park, used to stretch north and south, divided into North Tenjin-cho and South Tenjin-cho.

Former North Tenjin-cho Townspeople Monument

Former North Tenjin-cho was said to be a busy and bustling district with clinics, inns, sewing needle factories, warehouses, shops selling liquor, soy sauce, clothing and so on, and a public market. Due to being very close to the hypocenter, this town suffered brutal losses.
The monument is made of granite, and the names of the victims of the former Tenjin-cho are inscribed on the plate embedded on the monument.

Location : Peace Memorial Park, Naka-ku

Music : Former North Tenjin-cho Townspeople Monument(1:23)

Keiko Kotoku

Keiko Kotoku Marimba Peace Concert
at Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hiroshima (2008/6/26)

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