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is a general site on A-bomb survivors and peace promotion activities
presented by Hiroshima citizens

Our purpose
The purpose of this organization is to enable world citizens to learn the process by which A-bomb survivors were able to turn from feelings of hatred and retaliation. This will be accomplished through thinking about the experiences of the A-bomb survivors and their lives following the A-bombing.

Our activities
1.To collect stories written by A-bomb survivors in Hiroshima and feed them into our web site.

2.To collect information about the damage caused by the A-bombing and feed it into our site.

3.To make an information page on the web site about events, articles, documents, books and symposiums related to radiation and nuclear weapons.
4.To collect messages from people around the world on our site.
5.To make a web page to help world citizens have dialogue with A-bomb survivors.
6.To promote networking with other regions contaminated by radioactivity around the world.
7.To develop educational materials concerning the data above.
8.To host meetings and symposia concerning the above.
9.To publish books and make CD-ROMs concerning the above.

The text of this site is free for non-commercial use with attribution.
Reproduction of photos and drawings is prohibited.

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